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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Thursday - Curry Night

The Old Gits returned to the Staple Hill Oak after an absence of one week to partake in the weekly curry night. Started the evening with a Cocky Blonde 4%. As the name implied the beer was blonde to golden. Slightly sweet with a fruit overtone but full bodied. As is our custom we then ordered our curries. I had the chilli con carne due to the fact that I have gone off Wetherspoons currys. The meal was reasonable especially as it was washed down with a pint of Prairie Gold 5%. Another pleasant golden beer with a slight citrus finish. Of course we were now beginning to put the world to rights and begin our weekly rants. Amidst all this we had another pint of Cocky Blonde. I must admit I quite like a cocky blonde now and then. It was then onto a Fox's Nob 5%. A strong bitter with a mid brown colour. I liked this one. The next on the list was Bloomin Smoky 5%. This is a dark wheat beer. Now I usually like wheat beer but this one was to me undrinkable. There was nothing wrong with it except my own personal taste but I couldn't drink it. A sad thing to admit but perhaps my tasting buds are changing with the onset of old age.

Due to other commitments I will not be publishing a blog next Wednesday or Thursday. However, Monday will be another brew day. I am ramping up for the 2nd Orchard Road Beer Festival to be held sometime in June, July, August or September.

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