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The 2nd Annual Orchard Road Beer Festival - Ale Selection

All beers will be clones of the following. Please choose six, in order of preference.

Arkells Kingsdown Ale 5.3%
Bank's Bitter 3.8%
Bank's Original 3.6%. This one is not on their website. It should turnout as: An amber-coloured, well balanced, refreshing session beer.
Batemans Victory Ale 5.8%. This is not brewed as a cask ale but I will brew it and barrel it in the normal way.
Belhaven 80/- 4.2%.
Belhaven 90/- 7.6%. This one is too strong for me and will only be brewed if demand from the Old Gits is high enough.
Boddingtons Bitter 3.6%. Can't find anything on the internet of relevance. A light, golden bitter. A thirst quenching session beer. Flinty dryness in the mouth, long hard finish with hop bitterness and tart fruit.
Brakspear Special 4.9%
Burton Bridge XL Bitter 4%
Camerons Strongarm 4.4%
Cotleigh Tawney Bitter 3.8%
Donnington SBA 4.4%
Exe Valley Autumn Glory 4.5%
Exmoor Beast 6.5%. Again this one is too strong for me and will only be brewed if the demand from the Old Gits is high enough.
Fuller's ESB 5.4%
Hop Back Summer Lightning 5%
Hydes Original Bitter 3.4%
J.W.Lees Moonraker 7.3%. Will only be brewed if demand is 100% from the Old Gits.
Marstons Burton Bridge 3.8%. A little confusing on the web what with mergers and buy outs in the beer industry at the moment. However, Overwhelming sulphurous aroma supports a scattering of hops and fruit with an easy-drinking sweetness. The taste develops from a sweet middle to a satisfyingly hoppy finish.
Marstons Pedigree 4.8%
Morland Old Speckled Hen 5.6%
Robinsons Old Tom 8.5%. No way will this one be brewed.
Theakston Old Peculier 5.7%
Wadworth JCB 4.8%
Wadworth Old Father Timer 5.8%

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