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Campaign For real Ale (Camra)

REAL ALE defination and some interesting facts.

I am a card carrying member of Camra and would recommend membership to just about anyone. If you enjoy real ale as I do then please visit the Camra site where you will find useful information, facts and figures and hopefully or should that be hopfully, inspiration. The annual subscription rates and benefits of membership are very good. At the moment they are offering £20 of Weatherspoons real ale vouchers to every new member and the same again when you renew your annual subscription. If you are the active or campaigning type Camra is always looking for volunteers and can offer some really interesting 'jobs'.  More information is here. I think that Camra does a really excellent job by campaigning for things that are fast disappearing and are a part of our British heritage and way of life such as real pubs and yes real ale. This benefits the real ale drinker, microbreweries, breweries and thousands of jobs in the drinks and food industry. Oh dear! I feel a rant coming on. Better finish here.

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