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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wednesday - Pub Strolling Day

After travelling to St Nichols farmers market and picking up my pie I travelled even further and met Pete at the Jersey Lily in Clifton. Pete was already present and correct so I ordered a pint of London's Pride. Unfortunately this pint was off so I settled for a Bombardier 4.3%. Although this tasted alright I noticed that there were 'bits' on the bottom of the glass but a nice beer nonetheless. On then to find another pub. We couldn't remember where the pub we wanted to visit was exactly but we bumped into the Coach and Horses. After finding another pub The Red Lion which looked promising but was in fact closed. It may well be worth a visit the summer. The beer was better presented here but only a small selection. We both had a pint of Doombar 4%. I couldn't taste any difference in the beer as I had half expected since the brewery was taken over. On then and down the road to the Penny Farthing. This is a Wadworths pub and we started with the St George 4.5%. A nice pleasant ale with hints of fruits and a tangy aftertaste. The Budget was on the TV. There was no sound but the headlines were constantly being scrolled under the picture. This being budget day Pete and I had a few good rants. Mainly about the Treasury were paying for the military action in Lybia. Excuse my ignorance but doesn't the Treasury pay for everything the Government decides to do. Anyway the rants were good and honest. We finished with a pint of Horizon 4%. This beer has a good head and is a nice light gold in colour. Just the job for the hottest day of the year, so far

Beryl has invited all the Old Gits to celebratory curry tonight. Good old Beryl, she is *!"£$%^&*  Old.

There will probably be a brew day next Monday 28 March 11.

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