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Friday, 18 March 2011

Thursday Night and a Curry

Joined a good crowd of the Old Gits at the Staple Hill Oak for the traditional curry. Started off with a pint of Funnel Blower 4.5%. A dark almost black beer. It had a slightly aniseed taste and a stoutish feel in the mouth. A pleasant enough ale but I would only drink one per session. After ordering a Thai Noodle with Chicken Breast I had a pint of Butcombe 4%. Somehow it did not taste as good as the Butcombe I consumed in the Scotchman And His Pack. This could have been due to the previous pint of Funnel Blower. A good discussion followed on the poor Japanese situation. Quickly followed by a three way discussion on the experiments carried out by.... (missed the name) into the early attempts to create nuclear fission. I don't know if the link has any bearing on the discussions but if you are interested just hunt around on the internet for a while. I am sure that you will stumble find what some of the Old Gits were on about. However, I made up for a lack of understanding by having a pint of Western Glory 4.7%. I couldn't find this beer on the Cottage Brewing website. However, I enjoyed it. Quite a bit lighter than Funnel Blower but still a darkish brown.

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